Ravyn was founded in September 2019 by Saad Mirza. Ravyn aims to provide guided missiles and munitions to help maintain American overmatch. Ravyn is among the less than 1% of businesses that has raised equity financing from a venture capital fund.

Gen. Duke Z. Richardson, commander of Air Force Materiel Command said: "The U.S. averages sixteen years to deliver a major weapons system. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) delivers systems in approximately seven years. That’s nine years of the PRC being in the game before the U.S. even takes the field. This disparity in integrated capability delivery timelines must change—or the U.S. will lose."

Saad Mirza


Saad Mirza is the founder of Ravyn Technology Corporation. Saad studied aerospace engineering at Princeton University, and has a strong professional network among investors and aerospace startups. He was able to successfully raise venture capital funding. 

While in college, Saad led Operation Space, a nonprofit corporation of students from across the US that designed, built, and launched a 2-stage sounding rocket towards outer space. This inspirational project led to much press coverage.

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